Weekly Waves #4

Weekly Waves #4
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

tsk tsk tsk...

I know... I missed my Friday upload. But I swear have a good reason.

Also, I'm in NYC at the moment so I may or may not be posting this Friday either. haha lol.

Unleash the Power of the Zoom H4N Pro: Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to recording sound, the Zoom H4N Pro is a big deal. This guide is all about making things clear for those who are into advanced audio tech stuff. We've got 5 smart strategies to help you get the best out of your Zoom H4N Pro. These tips will lift your audio game, no matter what you're recording.

Getting Your Mic On Point:

Great sound starts with where you put your microphones. The Zoom H4N Pro comes with built-in stereo microphones that are pretty awesome. You can set them up in different ways like X/Y or A/B. Use X/Y for tight stuff like interviews, and go with A/B for big, wide sounds. Adjusting where you put the mics matters a lot, especially if you want clean audio without extra noise.

Tweaking Recording Settings:

Here's where the tech magic happens. You can fine-tune your recording settings on the Zoom H4N Pro. Mess around with formats, sample rates, and bit depths. For top-quality recordings, try using the WAV format with 24-bit depth and 48 kHz sample rate. Just remember, bigger numbers mean bigger files. So, pick the settings that balance awesome quality with storage space.

Keep It Real with Headphones:

To make sure you're capturing the best sound, throw on a pair of headphones while recording. The Zoom H4N Pro's got a headphone jack for this exact purpose. This helps you catch any background noise or weird sounds in real time. It's like having superhero ears for your recordings, so you can fix stuff on the spot.

Use External Microphones:

Built-in mics are cool, but external ones can be even cooler. The Zoom H4N Pro lets you plug in other types of microphones. You've got XLR/TRS inputs for all sorts of mics like lavaliers and shotgun mics. Adding an external mic can really take your audio to the next level and give you more control.

Conquer the Zoom H4N Pro's Menu:

Don't be afraid of those menus. They're your tools for making the most out of your Zoom H4N Pro. Dive in and find things like filters, effects, and managing your files. And don't forget the pre-record buffer trick. It captures a few seconds of sound before you hit record, so you don't miss a thing.

Not Just Another Gadget

These 5 strategies—smart mic placement, precise settings, using headphones, adding external mics, and mastering the menus—put you in control. Whether you're recording interviews, making music, or capturing the world around you, the Zoom H4N Pro has your back.

2 Things I Found Absolutely Amazing This Week (and Weekend)


KALLIDA announces lineup for fifth edition · News ⟋ RA

So the reason why I couldn't post last Friday was that I managed to get a little volunteering gig at KALLIDA, a festival in North Devon. The festival was set at a beautiful little "secret" location with music and art going on throughout the grounds. I had to record two stages over two nights and it was very inspiring.

I also got to have loads of boogies and meet loads of amazing people as you can see in the photo below.

Don't I look cute :)

Shout out to Yama Warahashi, COLECTIVA, LCY and Mella Dee. Their sets were absolutely incredible.

Born In Flames

Born in Flames review – subversive spirit of 80s agitprop lives on | Movies  | The Guardian

"Born in Flames" is a groundbreaking feminist science fiction film released in 1983, directed by Lizzie Borden. Set in a dystopian society, the film explores themes of gender inequality, activism, and media manipulation as women from diverse backgrounds unite to challenge a post-revolutionary world still plagued by systemic oppression. Through its unique blend of documentary-style footage and fictional narrative, "Born in Flames" offers a thought-provoking commentary on the complexities of social change and the ongoing struggle for justice.


SIBLING 01 @ Next Door Records

upload in progress, 0

We've still got LOADS of tickets available for SIBLING's launch event. Find them on Resident Advisor here.

The Movie Newbie - Episodes 94 & 95

Since my last newsletter, The Movie Newbie has released two new episodes featuring my partner, Lorna Searl and the ever-insightful, Amar Sall.

On episode 94, we ditch the two aficionados for returning guest Lorna Searl and making his debut on the show Amar Sall. This time we take on Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, where we discuss, the ever-dedicated Tom Cruise cementing his spot as the most bad*ss action star of all time, the incredible storytelling of Christopher McQuarrie and much more.

On episode 95, we delve deep into the glitz, glamour, and groundbreaking narrative of the worldwide cinema sensation, Barbie. From its vibrant storytelling to the iconic characters that have captured the hearts of audiences globally, "Barbie" is more than just a film—it's a cultural phenomenon. Just like in episode 94, we have Lorna Searl and Amar Sall back in action for what was a great conversation.

Check the episodes out wherever you listen to podcasts.

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