PodTip #2: Using your phone as backup

PodTip #2: Using your phone as backup

So over the last few years as a podcaster, I've noticed that no matter how hard you plan for something to go right, the unexpected always creeps up on you.

You could be halfway through your episode and the ambulance on the street decides NOW is the time to siren it up. You could be interviewing someone over Zoom from your villa in the jungles of Bali, and your internet decides to cut out.

Or worse, Mount Agung decides to erupt.

Mount Badung
Photo by Joël de Vriend / Unsplash

So, it's always great to have an independent, self-powered device to record a backup—my device of choice: my iPhone.

If you're recording remotely, ask your guest to record on their phone in addition to recording on Zoom or other video calling platforms. First, it helps with audio quality (no pops and lags from recording online). Second, it's a great backup if anything happens (you forget to press record).

You always have your phone around

computer, working from home
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One of the main reasons why we have mobile phones is because of their perfect portability. Gone are the days when we had to walk into a telephone booth or use a payphone to call someone. We can now just reach into our pockets, rummage for our phones and do whatever we need to do.

Need to prove to your friend that Celtic was the first British team to win a European Cup? You've got Google right there. Need to remember your cousin's 4th child's birthday? You've got a calendar right there. Want to snap a photo of the sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower? You've got a camera right there.

Do you want to start a podcast with some friends but can't afford a recording setup? You've got what you need right there. If you already have a setup, then use your phone as a backup option. The great thing about doing a podcast on your phone is that it's easy, no fuss and is usually, just for fun!